Capability Statement

Through its special position as part of the main Swedish seed company, the former Svalöf Weibull Consulting Department had access to a wide range of expertise both within the company and in the official organisations concerned with seeds in Sweden.

When Svalöf Consulting took over this part of the business in 2006, it was able to inherit this substantial network of professional contacts and to continue to use them. As a result, Svalöf Consulting can provide a unique ‘single door access’ to the diverse technical and managerial skills required for plant breeding and seed industry development. Our team of consultants and associates, based in Sweden and elsewhere can address each of the components of the seed chain and can interpret these to meet the needs of seed industries worldwide.

On April 1st 2009, Svalof Consulting relocated to the campus of the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU), at Alnarp. This strengthens our well-established and successful cooperation with the University for the provision of specialised international training programmes and the implementation of agricultural development projects. It enables both parties to create strong networks, facilitate contacts and use international experts in the most efficient way for short-term assignments and long-term projects.