Svalöf in the World

The Consultancy Department of Svalöf Weibull, became active in international agriculture during the 1970´s, when it was engaged by FAO to undertake the in long term training of plant breeders in Sweden and abroad. 

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) also recognised the value of this experience in plant breeding for the developing world. They assigned Svalöf to plan and implement two major seed industry development projects in Zambia and Mozambique during the period 1980-2000.   Another challenging task allocated to Svalöf was to strengthen the seed supply system in Amhara State, Ethiopia, through a two year project from 1997-99.

Svalof in the worldIn the year 2000, Svalöf was awarded a contract by the EU to implement a Seed Industry Development Project in Kyrgyzstan. The success achieved during the first three years encouraged Sida to take over the financial responsibility for this project when EU funding ended and Svalöf Consulting continues to provide technical assistance to develop the Kyrgyz seed industry. In parallel, a similar project was initiated in neighbouring Tajikistan in 2004, again with the aim of building an integrated seed system, using the Kyrgyzstan experience as model.

Over a period of almost 40 years, Svalöf’s long professional experience at home and abroad has contributed to the building of sustainable seed industries in emerging economies, based on commercial opportunities and strong private sector participation.