Monthly Archives: September 2014

Two training courses in Seed Marketing and Seed Quality Control were conducted by the ISSD project and ESA in Addis Ababa

Two training courses were organized on Seed Marketing (1-3rd September) and Seed Quality Control (4-6th September), attended by professionals from the private (and some public) seed companies and producers, responding to the needs of enhanced knowledge in how to market seed directly. The concept of Direct Seed Marketing is being more widely practiced,  recognized by the authorities to be an effective and profitable way to make seed available to farmers across Ethiopia. A better system to control the Seed Quality (in each step of the seed value chain) was thoroughly penetrated and discussed, sharing experience and agreeing on how the quality can be maintained, through the seed multiplication, processing, treatment, packaging, storage, marketing and distribution stages.

In the evaluation of the two trainings, more awareness and local training in both Seed Marketing and Quality Control was requested preferable organized by the ISSD and the Ethiopian Seed Association (ESA) in the regions, hosted by some of the seed companies, more closely conducted where it is being practiced. Furthermore, Warehouse Management (i.e. seed storage and distribution) was also highlighted as a weak link in the seed chain, where training is needed, in combination with improved storage structures and equipment.

Furthermore, services were also rendered by Rutger Persson (as Private Seed Sector Consultant) in assisting the Ethiopian Seed Association, in completing the activities in the Strategy Plan (with firm deadlines) strengthening the organisation and management of the Seed Association, responding to the needs of ESA´s members – emerging seed companies, seed producers, seed cooperatives and other seed entrepreneurs.