Monthly Archives: July 2014

Private Seed Sector Assistance in the ISSD Project in Ethiopia

Svalöf Consulting has been contracted by Wageningen UR, Centre for Development Innovation, to render services in the project “Integrated Seed Sector Development in Ethiopia”. Rutger Persson conducted his  second mission in 2014, between 7-21st June 2014, in the following activities:

Followed up on specific activities in the Strategy Plan, strengthening the Ethiopian Seed Association
Assisted the private seed sector, represented by ESA, to increase their involvement in the Ethiopian seed sector development
Facilitated in the implementation of the model business for Ethiopian seed producers/companies.
Facilitated in the revision of the Association´s Bylaw.
Assisted in using ICT-SMS technique as an information dissemination and seed marketing tool
Assisted in developing the Ethiopian Seed Association´s website.
Facilitated in the development of the organization structure and job profiles of the Association staff
Facilitated in the finalization of the training plan for the Association staff and members, including experience exchange visit
Facilitated in the development of profiles of the seed companies in Ethiopia.