Short term mission to share experience gained in Africa and Central Asia on how to strengthen all the essential components in an integrated seed industry.

Name of Client: International Cooperation Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture in Khartoum and the Plant Generic Resource Unit of ARC in Wad Medani

Period: May 2008

Value of project (in millions US$): 0.01 M

Key Experts:

  • Rutger Persson, International Seed Expert, Svalöf Consulting
  • Dr Moneim Fatih, EAPGREN Project Manager, Swedish Biodiversity Centre


To visit and share Svalof´s experience with key organizations and institutions within the existing seed industry and make final report to those responsible at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests in Khartoum on how further strengthen the seed industry in Sudan with particular regard to:

  • Strengthening institutional and the legal/regulatory framework for varieties and seeds and the technical procedures which support that framework
  • Strengthening the capacity of Breeding Institutions to manage and supply early generation seed of their varieties, as a key support to the formal seed sector
  • Raising standards in variety testing, registration and protection
  • Harmonization of Seed Quality Control and Certification
  • Technical and managerial support to seed companies and seed association
  • Assistance to Plant Quarantine
  • Human Resource Development of professionals in the Seed Industry
  • Information and dissemination activities
  • Assistance to the National Plant Genetic Resources National Programme