South Africa






Follow-up seminar on Genetic Resources and Intellectual Property Rights – Training Programme for participants from developing countries

 Name of Client: Sida

Period: January 2010

Value of project (in millions US$): 0.6 M

Name of lead company:

            Department of Plant Biology and Forest Genetics/VBSG at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Ultuna, Sweden

            Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden

Key Experts:

            Carl-Gustaf Thornström, Programme Director

            Per Andersson, Programme Director




      To assist participants to understand the background and the implications of the recent developments related to IPRs and exchange of genetic resources

            To enable participants to find, use and draw conclusions from sources of information and expertise world-wide, related to IPRs and exchange of genetic resources

            To enhance participants’ managerial efficiency to handle, address and deal with genetic resources and intellectual property rights issues

            To improve participants’ ability to catalyse the development of intellectual property rights policies and corresponding implementation frameworks on genetic resources at the national and institutional level