Short term training and visits to Svalof AB, Sweden and reciprocal visit to Russia to lecture and share experience in the “Evolution of the Swedish Seed Industry Development over the last century”


Name of Client: World Bank ASP, Ministry of Agriculture, Moscow, Deputy Minister Alginin

Period: 1994– 1995

Value of project (in millions US$): 0.01 M

Key Experts:

            Rutger Persson, Project Manager

            Per Andersson, Course Director and Seed Certification Expert



Professionals from the Russian seed industry visited Svalof AB to learn from the Swedish experience in reforming a subsidized agriculture and seed industry to a commercialized seed industry and prosperous farming, over the last 100 years. Reciprocal visits were made to Russia to share the seed experience with professional in the Russian seed industry, foremost the Agricultural Academies across Russia