PHASE II Plant Breeding & Seed Production – Training Programme for participants from developing countries


Name of Client: Sida

Period: February – March 2011

Value of project (in millions US$): 0.6 M

Key Experts:

            Per Andersson, Programme Director

            Michael Turner, Seed Industry Development Expert



         To advance the participants’ knowledge in the new dimension of a free market economy for the benefit of the farming community and global food security.

            To advance the participants’ managerial efficiency by increasing their knowledge in all technical elements of a seed industry

            To broaden and develop the participants´ knowledge about agro biotechnology-challenges, problems and possible ways forward

            To enable participants’ to find, use and draw conclusions from sources of information and expertise related to food security and modern plant breeding and seed technology

            To support the participants’ in initiating processes of change in their home environments within the above mentioned fields and enhance their project management and communication skills