Short term mission to lecture and share experience in “Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources”

Name of Clients:

            Macedonian Scientific Society

            Institute of Agriculture

            National Gene bank (SEEDNet partner)

Period: December 2008

Value of project (in millions US$): 0.01 M

Key Experts:

            Rutger Persson, International Seed Expert, Svalof Consulting

            Carina Larsson, Independent Consultant, Project Coordinator SLU/LTJ, Alnarp



The objective of the mission was to share the Swedish experience in “seed industry development” with the Ministry of Agriculture, agriculture and seed sector and establish closer professional links between the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU/LTJ), Svalof Consulting and Macedonian counterparts in strengthening their seed industry, training plant breeders and senior professional staff in the Macedonian seed industry at SLU in Alnarp, Sweden. The Swedish model of how to strengthen all the links in the seed chain and create favourable conditions for the private sector to prosper was discussed with regards to:

            Strengthening the legal/regulatory framework for varieties and seeds and the technical procedures which support that framework

            Strengthening the capacity of breeding institutions to manage and supply early generation seed of their varieties, as a key support to the formal seed sector

            Strengthening the capacity of seed companies to operate more efficiently in a market environment, through a locally based training programme for their staff.

            Strengthening the whole seed and value chain, in environmental perspective