Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) in Ethiopia Phase II

Name of Client: Wageningen UR-Centre for Development Innovation

Period: 1 March 2014-31 December 2014 and 1 January 2015-31 December 2015

Value of project (in Euro): 65 000

Name of lead company: Wageningen UR- Centre for Development Innovation

Key Expert: Rutger Persson


“Through a vibrant and pluralistic seed sector, quality seed of superior varieties are available and affordable to a larger number of farmers, thereby contributing to agriculture for food security and economic development in Ethiopia”

The development objective of the program is to strengthen the development of a vibrant, commercial and pluralistic seed sector in Ethiopia. 

Specific objectives:

  • To actively promote and support the emergence of a sector of small and medium scale private commercial seed companies in four regions;
  • To facilitate cooperation of small and medium-scale commercial seed producers with commercial seed companies, federal and regional seed enterprises, and federal and regional agricultural research centers. 


Amhara Regional State Co-operation in Rural Development

Name of Client: Sida

Period: September 1997 – April 1999

Value of project (in US$): 200 000

Name of lead company: Orgut Consulting, Sweden

Key Experts:

  • Rutger Persson, Seed Expert


Train different actors in the seed sector of the Amhara State. Promote the use of improved seed among the farmers. Analyze the