Project Services

The establishment of Svalöf Consulting at Alnarp enables further expansion in our collaboration with the Faculty of Landscape Planning, Horticulture and Agricultural Science of the University for the implementation of long-term development projects. Our joint resource base in plant breeding, biotechnology and chemical analysis combined with experience in the technical and commercial links of a seed and agricultural value chain, makes a strong partnership for implementing current and future projects.

Svalöf Consulting has been providing its consulting activities in the seed sector, strengthening the agricultural value chain, like in Central Asia, based on well-established relations with the agricultural and food sectors, in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and neighbouring countries. SC has also been assisting the development of Genetic Resources Networks and Seed Trade Associations in those countries as key supports to the seed sector.

Svalöf Consulting supports the strategy to modernise these sectors which is a key objective of international agencies and national governments. Current concerns about global food supply and national food security add urgency to this task.

Svalöf Consulting offers technical and policy assistance through project management, training and planning. The company has gained special experience in assisting the transition and structural reform of the seed and agricultural value chain to a market-driven model. This remains a challenge in many emerging economies due to the reduction in public engagement and funding.




Svalöf Consulting focuses on the upgrading of seed industries and the whole agricultural value chain by:

  • Strengthening the institutional and regulatory structures,
  • Enhancing the technology and management of plant breeding,
  • Raising the operational performance of certification and quality control agencies to international standards,
  • Improving seed production management practices and techniques,
  • Modernizing seed and agricultural processing techniques and logistics
  • Expanding local seed and agricultural markets and promoting commercial linkages to regional and global seed, food, feed, biofuel and fiber markets, through an integrated ‘Seed and Value Chain’,
  • Providing the policy and legal framework for the creation and strengthening of a market driven seed and agricultural processing industry.