Monitor in the Seed Sector Development for South Sudan program

Svalöf Consulting has signed an agreement with the Royal Embassy of the Netherlands in Juba, to monitor the Seed Sector Development for South Sudan (SSD4SS) program, implemented by AGRA. The external monitoring will periodically appraise the progress and developments of the Dutch funded program and contribute to the overall objective , providing a second opinion on the progress made. The first mission was conducted between 8-17th June 2015, assessed and advised on:

AGRA´s capability to establish working methods that are flexible and adaptable to the evolving context, based on AGRA´s ability and willingness to carry out methodological revisions from time to time and the development of robust mechanisms to measure performance

Review AGRA´s work in the broader sectorial context and assess to what extent AGRA´s approach and performance results in AGRA assuming a lead role regarding the introduction and increase of locally grown quality seeds, also at farmer´s level, in South Sudan.

Assess the expected output, outcome and impact of the program

Specifically SSD4SS aims to:

  • Create increased capacity for research, seed testing and release and certification through short and long term training of crop and seed technical specialists
  • Facilitate the strengthening elements within Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Cooperatives and Rural Development (MAFCRD) related to crop improvement research, seed testing for release to private sector and certification activities, as well as improvement of seed testing laboratory infrastructure
  • To create an emerging private commercial seed sector through the multiplication of quality seeds and dissemination of these seeds of the new, improved crop varieties;
  • To organize, train and support farmer groups to enable them to produce seed as outgrows for seed companies and for local distribution;
  • To create awareness of the developed crop varieties among farmers and other stakeholders through awareness-raising activities including on-farm demonstration plots and as a result the adoption of quality seeds by farmers.