Monthly Archives: February 2015

National Workshop of ISSD Ethiopia; ESA Strategy Plan; training in business management, marketing, quality control and warehouse management in 2015

Rendered the following services as Private Seed Sector Consultant in the Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) Program in Ethiopia:

Facilitated during the National Workshop of ISSD program in Hawassa, SNNPR, 26-30th January 2015.

Advised the Ethiopian Seed Association (ESA) in strengthening their organisation and management, making the association more visible and effective through a number of measures stipulated in a Strategy Plan. Planned for new staff development and training programs during 2015, focusing on the knowledge gaps, such as business management, marketing, quality control, warehouse management. Furthermore, ESA´s mandate to introduce a Code of Practice, working across the boarders, networking with other associations and seed companies in Africa, Europe and Asia, was also given high attention during the mission, in order to create trust among farmers and strengthen ESA´s PR-activities across the boarders during 2015.