Training course in “Seed Business Management and Seed Value Chain” in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Svalöf Consulting has been contracted by VRIAN projects B.V  to undertake the second part of a tailor made training course in “Seed Business Management and Seed Value Chain” , 14-19th October 2013, requested by Bahir Dar University College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, financed by the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes. Specific features of the seed production sector will be taken in account in the training of university staff and seed business managers. The plant breeders and producers of the seeds in the Amhara Region need to collaborate more closely in order to have a sustainable seed business. The breeders and growers need to be rewarded for the development and multiplication of the seeds. The new Ethiopian Seed Law, recognizing Plant Breeder´s Rights, is expected to stimulate the formal seed sector.

The objectives of the training:

1) Participants will become aware of the context of the Ethiopian seed sector in respect to international  (UPOV, ISTA, OECD and EPPO) and national legislation (Seed Law), the functioning of the market and knowledge transfer.

2) Participants will be able to manage/advise seed production, seed processing, handling and storage and apply recommended agricultural practices in seed production of the main agricultural crops.

3) Participants will be able to design an implementation plan for action oriented research in the seed sector