Monthly Archives: December 2012

Hello Seed Professionals

Dear Seed Colleagues,

Welcome to the revised website of Svalof Consulting, with news and information from recent training programs and projects, within our professional field. Fellow participants in the Alumni workshop in Kampala, Uganda requested Svalof Consulting and NIRAS Natura to make all the information from the workshop available to everybody, which I have started to do, by downloading all  the documents under the tab “Alumni PBSP”  divided into two headings “Seed Sector Status Reports” and “Project of Change”.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any news you wish to disseminate to  former PBSP participants and fellow seed professionals around the world.

Once the newly established Executive Committee of the Alumni PBSP has finalized the first edition of the PBSP NEWSLETTER , I will publish it on the SC website.

Your active participation is necessary in order to maintain our close seed professional network.