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Raj Kumar has successfully organized the “Innovators Cum Seed Day” – 600 farmers assembled at DWR in Karnal

Raj Kumar have sent me an email with the following information from the “Innovators Cum Seed Day” in India that I wish to share with you:

 The “Innovators Cum Seed Day” was organized at Directorate of Wheat Research (DWR), Karnal on 31st October 2012 for the sale of about 110 q truthfully labeled seed of latest wheat variety DPW 621-50. This variety is notified and released for the timely sown and irrigated condition in Punjab, Haryana, Northern Rajasthan, and Western Uttar Pradesh states of North Western Plain Zone of India.

On this occasion more than 600 farmers assembled at DWR, Karnal and discussed about the problems they faced in cultivation of wheat and barley crops. A panel of experts replied their queries. I educated the group about the importance of newly released variety and its seed. These farmers were provided small quantities of seed for experiencing the performance of this variety in their fields. The progressive farmers, who are using innovative ideas for excelling agriculture production, were awarded in this function.